Jeremiah Maher

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Mobile Game Design and App Development

Highly capable and motivated professional with a unique set of creative, technical, organization, and communication skills.
Specializes in Apple iOS (iPad / iPhone / iPod touch) game and application development.


Suburbia for iPad

IT'S ALIVE! - The Monster Building Game for iOS and Android

BoardGameGeek, the leading site for board game enthusiasts, called IT'S ALIVE! for iOS "a great, well developed app" and gave it 3 out of 4 stars.
IT'S ALIVE! Main Menu Screen
IT'S ALIVE! New Game Screen
IT'S ALIVE! Play Screen
IT'S ALIVE! Rules Screen

Simon Graham and the Extraordinary Timepiece

WIRED magazine said Simon Graham evoked both the Professor Layton and Harry Potter series.
Simon Graham HD Main Menu Screen
Simon Graham Vase Play Screen
Simon Graham HD Forest Play Screen
Simon Graham Website Homepage
Simon Graham Wanted Posters

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